Store Policy

o All Clients must sign in and pay before being serviced. There will be a $2.00 charge for all credit card transactions.

o All hair must be washed and dried before any services can be rendered (including re-used extensions)

o No kids are allowed in the salon, unless they are being serviced.

o If leaving a child under the age of 18, the parent must sign a Parental Consent Form.

o All Sew-in Services DO NOT include the cost of hair.

o For all Sew-In services you must bring two packs of your own hair or you may purchase hair from the salon.

o All Sew-in Services include Double tracking. There is an extra charge for using more than two packs of hair, for single tracking, splitting track, or reusing hair. Please confirm the weaving technique of your style of choice upon selection.

o Walk-ins only, No appointments are accepted.

o There will be NO REFUNDS on services. All Sales are final. Any service issues must be addressed at the time of service for correction.

o 24 Hour Hair Corrections with receipt.

o NO REFUNDS on Hair purchases. We are not responsible for any hair purchased, in or outside Xtension Xpress Hair Experts Salon.

o We are not responsible for hair loss or hair breakage from weaves removed outside of Xtension Xpress Hair Experts Salon. We recommend that you utilize our professional staff for this service.

o We are not responsible for sensitive scalp, tenderness, abrasions or sores due to braids or the weaving process.

o If you sign-in and leave the salon, your spot cannot be held if your name is called before you return.

o Xtension Xpress Hair Experts is not responsible for lost or stolen items or items left in the salon. Please be sure to take your personal belongings and remaining hair extensions before leaving.

o Customers who are not willing to electronically sign and accept our salon policy will not be serviced.