The XX team specializes in Sew-in; closure installations. Custom wigs, Natural hair care, and Braiding services. All while remaining a full service salon. Our installations are performed by fully trained team of stylist with years of experience. You will no longer spend your entire day at a salon, the Xtension Xpress team will have you on your way in 2 hrs or less.

Our Signature $50.00 sew-in: Double track weaving method is accomplished by leaving a portion of your own hair out to cover the track, then two tracks are placed on each row 1 to 1 1/2 inch apart. This method requires two packs of hair and includes a basic trim and flat iron. ( hair is not included in the price)

We are the only salon in South Florida to offer the Signature $50 sew-in that will definitely compliment your budget.



Basic Hair Treatments

Shampoo w/ Rinse  
Deep Condition  
Scalp Treatment  
Hair Net    
Weave Removal  
Natural Braid Removal  
Alternative Braid Pattern  


Weaving & Extensions

Single Track Sew-in  
Splitting Track Sew-in  
More than 2 Hair Packs  
Reused Hair  
Individual Bonded Tracks  
Tighten Up Weave  
Flat Iron w/ Weave  
Flat Iron w/o Weave  
Detailed Cut  
Name Brand Relaxer  
Partial Relaxer  
Parial sew-in  
Invisible parts  
Versatile sew-in